Design your own startup success.


Who are you?


Startup-Curious Employee

Are you a high-performing, non-technical employee tired of her corporate or agency job? You're interested in making the leap to startups, but you're not entirely sure how to get your foot in the door without prior startup experience? 

I can help you learn the skills you don't even know you need and craft an irresistible narrative.


Leader of a struggling team

Are you a high-level manager or executive at a mission-driven startup? Is your team struggling to build quickly and hit deadlines? Are there rifts between different functional teams that no amount of bowling off-sites seam to fix?

I can help you evaluate and design better processes, culture, and team communication skills.

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Leader without marketing skills

Do you know that your product is good--maybe even life-changing!--but you're struggling to get traction? Are you swimming in a pool of competitors, not really sure how to differentiate yourself? Do you even know why customers aren't buying or users aren't sticking around?

I can help you evaluate and craft a targeted brand story and develop a strategy to get traction.

Who am I?

You're still here? Alright, well I guess I can introduce myself first.

I’m Missy. I started my career as most do: bright-eyed and excited at the prospect of shaping the future! After years of working in technology at companies big and small, I was burned out--tired of pouring my heart into projects that died, of the constant product/marketing/engineering struggle, of the cyclical, inauthentic hype machine.

I took a break from tech to consult. Yet the itch to do something bigger was still there. Working on exciting, meaningful products lights me up, but the reality of struggling teams and inter-office politics turns me off. 

I decided that instead of running from the toxic culture, I can help detox it and help the good guys and gals thrive in tech.

For me, that looks like:
1) Career Coaching for High-performing, Non-technical Women
2) Startup Success Consulting
3) Brand Strategy for Startups

So scroll up, and dive into whichever service is right for you.