Hi. I'm Missy.
I use analytical and design thinking to design products, fix processes, and strengthen teams.

My Mission


I work with early stage startups by using UX, Design Thinking, and Behavioral Economic principles to answer bigger questions, like:

  • How can we create more efficient, collaborative, and cross-functional processes across product, design, engineering, and (dare I say) marketing?
  • How can we fully support early stage startups in important but understaffed areas like branding, product design, and marketing?
  • How can we nurture solo designers and small design teams to accelerate the designers’ growth and ultimately create the best products?

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“When fighting for a startup's success, you'll want Missy there fighting with you, as she's talented, driven, and capable of excellent execution.”

— eric tai, FOUNDER of Reflektive

Accelerator Design Program

What is it?
This is a program that creates an internal “design team” comprised of all the designers at the accelerator. They meet for design reviews, brainstorming, and workshops with guest experts. This combats many problems faced by solo designers by providing:

  • Thoughtful feedback from trusted peers who have a better understanding of their goals, audience, and product history
  • Collaborators whose skill level and strengths are known
  • Trust that no one seeing the designs is a competitive threat
  • Additional guidance from senior designers brought in to host workshops, give talks, and have discussions about topics specific to their unique challenges

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