Clover Health AEP & Website Experience

I came into Clover Health with Rogue Advising with a 3-person team, a product manager, marketing expert, and designer (me). We were tasked with revamping their website and marketing efforts for the Medicare Annual Election Period (open enrollment), a 3 month window which is the primary driver of medicare advantage enrollment for Clover Health.


I was the design expert and managed all aspects of scoping the design requirements, finding and digging through the appropriate research, dictating the content for the site, making appropriate adjustments to the site map and navigation, and overseeing the creation of wireframes and mocks. Along with my colleagues, I managed a product manager and a designer at Clover Health. I also created several wireframes and mocks for them as examples and in areas they had less expertise (like design for a shopping experience).


AEP Experience

Through discussions with the Clover team and looking at research and analytics, we determined that the AEP window brings in a lot of traffic from people looking to switch plans, which is very different from the normal year-long traffic of soon-to-be-eligible seniors looking for more information about Clover and Medicare in general. 

Our initial concept was to create a micro-site for AEP meanwhile updated the main site to be more soon-to-be-eligible friendly. This was eventually scaled down to single, long marketing page housed on the Clover main site. Because of time constraints, this was further changed to be the Clover main page during AEP (a less ideal solution), and then reverted to a more informational and brand-building site after AEP. 
(Right: visual mock for AEP page, based on my direction and wireframe, created by Eugenia Ho at Clover Health. Below: my wireframe for the AEP page)

Main Site

I also directed the restructuring and redesign of the primary website. We wanted this site to be more user-friendly to those coming in with little information about Clover and little understanding of how Medicare and Medicare Advantage work. 
(Below: flow diagram created by Clover designer, art directed by me)

Created by Eugenia Ho at Clover Health

Visual design by Eugenia Ho, art direction by me

Visual design by Eugenia Ho, art direction by me

Visual design by Eugenia Ho, art direction by me

At time of publishing work is still in progress.