Hi. I'm Missy.
I use analytical and design thinking to design products and help build design teams.

My Mission


I work with early stage startups, e-commerce companies, and larger tech companies using UX, Design Thinking, and Behavioral Economic principles to answer bigger questions, like:

  • How can we deliver the most value to our users?

  • How can we fully support early stage startups with important but understaffed areas like branding, product design, and marketing?

  • How can we nurture solo designers and small design teams to accelerate the designers’ growth and ultimately create the best products?

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“When fighting for a startup's success, you'll want Missy there fighting with you, as she's talented, driven, and capable of excellent execution.”

— eric tai, FOUNDER of Reflektive

Portfolio Review

I’m currently offering 30-minute UX and Product Design portfolio reviews.
I’ll look over your portfolio with the lens of a design hiring manager.

  • Content: How well do you present yourself and your work? Are these the right types of projects? Is there enough here?

  • Structure: Is it easy to navigate? Do I understand your contribution?

  • Quality: What is the general level of quality and what level of job are you qualified for?

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Design Review Club

What is it?
Design Review Club is the safe place for small-team startup designers where we facilitate conversations about their biggest design and team challenges with other solo designers or startup design leaders.

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